CA-46 Candidate Bao Nguyen Flip-Flops Yet Again; This Time on Marijuana Legalization

SANTA ANA, CA – In light of the recent Orange County Register article highlighting Mayor Bao Nguyen’s support for the legalization of marijuana, former State Senator Lou Correa releases a statement highlighting Bao’s policy inconsistencies.

“In a recent Orange County Register article Mayor Bao Nguyen was quoted as supporting the legalization of marijuana. But how can we know for certain? His long history of flip-flopping on the issue of marijuana legalization – along with several other key issues – has left the 46th District certain of only one thing: Bao Nguyen cannot be trusted.

“Bao’s rapid shift in his position regarding marijuana legalization is intended to mislead young voters and pro-marijuana donors. Despite touting his support for marijuana legalization in the recent Orange County Registrar article, Bao voted against allowing marijuana dispensaries in Garden Grove as recently as January of this year - not 5 years ago, not even 1 year ago, but just 9 months ago, on January 12 2016.

“Regardless of your stance on legalization, his rapid shift is alarming. As is becoming routine with Bao, he flip-flopped on yet another of his most popular campaign promises for political expediency.

“To date, Bao has collected over $17,000 from out-of-district, pro-marijuana individuals even though he voted against marijuana dispensaries. These donors aren’t locals either, but rather large scale northern California growers looking to expand their businesses in the 46th District. Not only is Bao pandering to northern California business interests, he is ignoring the democratic process right here in the district. Currently, residents in Anaheim, Orange, and Garden Grove have decided they do not want marijuana in their cities. If this is how Bao represents the 46th District, he’s off to a bad start. With Bao’s wildcard voting record, there is no way to know what he will do.

“Bao has shown he cannot be trusted to follow through on his own campaign promises for more than a couple of months. If he can’t go from January to March without flip-flopping, what makes you think he’ll follow through on any of his promises in office? So far the only thing Bao consistently follows through on, is not keeping his promises. Is that what we want our representative to be known for?”