Serving Orange County Since 1998

Lou Correa has been serving Orange Country since 1998. Over his 16 year career, Lou has represented the 69th Assembly District in the California State Assembly, served as Supervisor in Orange County’s 1st Supervisor District, and represented the 34th Senate District in the California State Senate.

Lou is our only homegrown candidate. As the son of working class parents, Lou saw first hand what it took to escape poverty and have a shot at the middle class. He ran for office in 1998 to fight for the same working families he grew up with, and ensure their children have the opportunity to succeed that he had. Lou has a track record of getting the job done, and has developed a reputation with countless public officials as a dedicated civil servant interested in solving real problems, not playing partisan games.

Join the countless public servants and community leaders who support Lou, and let's make a better tomorrow.


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